111 BENEFITS of SPEAKING in TONGUES: by Glenn Arekion

Is It True Speaking in Tongues is the Least of the Spiritual Gifts?

How to Receive the "Upon" baptism of the Holy Spirit & Tongues

Overwhelming Prophecy from the Lord about the Gift of Tongues

Can Tongues Unite the endtime Church in the last days on earth?

Peace on Earth & End of All War if only everyone agreed with me

Four Angels Four Tongues Four Baptisms and One LORD GOD

An American False Doctrine: Kingdom Dominion/Kingdom Now

Apostle's Last Letter to the Flock: Peril of Messianic Christianity

"Apostolic": Fad, Cult, Denomination or Movement? the Answer

Apostle Page: Links & Articles & Books (another reading room)

Apostolic Hot Topics: Controversial Subjects re: Apostles Today

The Revival Page: Links, Articles, Testimonies, and Prophecies

Can You Love the Father & Son yet Hate speaking in tongues?

Do You Believe You Have Perpetrated the 'Unpardonable Sin'?

If You Think You've Committed 'Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit'

Yes, You Can Overcome Porn Addiction in Your Personal Life!

Four (4) categories of Works needed to get Entrance to Heaven

Wait, isn't it by grace through faith not works? I'm so confused

T.V. Grace is about getting: Isn't it better to give than receive?

The Gospel: Romans Road Salvation Message (All Scripture)

The Most Hated Verse in the Bible and No It's Not John 3:16

Russia Will Invade the Mid-east 7 Years Before Armageddon

Time-Line: of the Final 7 Years Before Jesus Christ Returns

Persecution and Unity: every sacrifice with salt and and fire

Seven Reasons Palestine Belongs to Israel: the Real Facts!

Testimonies for Jesus Christ from Former Islamic Muslims

Precisely, What is Terrorism?   and What is Terrorism Not?

The Savior of Jews is the God of Christians & The Creator

Once Saved Always Saved? The Eternal Security Question

Holy Ghost in the Godhead Name of "Lord Jesus Christ"

Doctrine of Baptisms, Heb.6:2 -- the "s" is for a reason

Salvation & Water Baptism: Can Water Baptism Save?

Divorce and Re-marriage: What Does the Bible say ??

Manifestations of the Spirit | Experiences in the Lord

Slain in the Spirit: How Is It Displayed in the Bible?

Yes, Holy Laughter: the Present Revival Controversy

Speaking in Other Tongues: Questions and Answers

Timing of the Rapture (after the Tribulation, Mt.24:29)

A Tribute to the Bible: It's Not a Charm or Amulet

Mathematical Proof the Bible is the Word of God!

Superiority of the King James Bible: No Contest

Jewish Friends---Meet Yeshua Ha Meshiach!!

The Devil's Devices: Cults & False Doctrines

Looking for the Lost Mormon Golden Plates

Truth about Halloween: the Christian View

Divine Healing Here Now for All Believers

Kingdom Dominion Opinion Explained.

Praise and Worship Music & the Dance

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Northwestern Theological Seminary Library: tools,reference,articles,news,books,Spanish

www.healingandrevival.com    Testimonies, Biographies, Wells of Revival, Books, UpDates, Prayer

www.e-sword.net  Best Free Digital Bible in Many Versions, Languages and 100 other free e-books in English

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Dear Reader, Because most visits here are by robots, if you find this site encouraging, please encourage the websitemanager@ezekielwar.com

This library emphasizes the end time  or  end-times restoration

of the apostolic and prophetic along with apostles and prophets,

and therefore,  we believe in those present day offices of apostle,

New Testament prophet and the other 5-fold ministers [Eph.4:11].

"He ascended up on high & gave gifts unto men ... apostles [etc.]" Eph.4:8,11

"Ye come behind in no gift; waiting for the coming of our Lord ..." 1 Cor.1:7

Similarly,  we must oppose the pre-tribulation "secret" rapture,

for, "I pray not that Thou shouldest take them out of the world,

but that Thou shouldest keep them from the evil." (John 17:15)

We strongly encourage the current tidal wave of revival  (click).

There's a prophecy page here with prophecies some did prophesy.

Russia versus Israel nears "the end",  be it in 10 years or 1000.

Please see the apostol page & the rapture page. God bless you all!


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