Seen and Heard by *.abc Programs

You can get free abc software at

or simply Google "abc music software". Most programs are free and work in most versions of Windows as well as Mac and Linux. I currently use "abcedit" and "abcexplorer". They both work in Windows 11 and Windows XP.

These songs here below have no lyrics, though you can find them online. They don't have guitar chords, but many abc programs have a menu where you can ask the program to automatically insert chords based on the melody. You won't need to figure them out.

However, if you want a sample of how to write chords and words, view File#22 of guitar_shred.txt, or File#30 of Christmas.txt entitled "You Are My Hiding Place" (See links below).

To copy these songs to your computer:

Click on any link below. When you see the songs in text form, press control key [ctrl]+[A] key together. That action selects all text on the page. Then press control [ctrl] and [C] keys together. This action copies the highlighted text. Now open up "Notepad" program in your computer. Press Control key and [V] key together. This action pastes the songs from clipboard RAM memory into your new text document in Notepad. Now save file:

You may either save file as *.txt or as *.abc --Both file extensions will work in an abc program. For older abc apps, you'll find that it is easier to create a music folder in the C: drive rather than storing your new abc music on the desktop.

For simplicity, you may want to change the *.txt music file extensions to *.abc. If not, you can either open your abc program first, or if not first, then right-click your mouse on the music text file icon, and select from the right-click menu "Open with", then select the new abc app you have installed.

Multivarious Hymns [350]: Hymns.txt

Christmas  Songs [30] : Christmas.txt

Some Fiddle Tunes [99] : 99fiddles.txt

Lutheran  Hymns [660] : Lutheran.txt

Guitar shredding [23]: guitar_shred.txt

Guitar neck graph : pentatonic shapes

Article :  "Music & Dance in the Bible"

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