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prayer resources

Free Prayer Books, Articles, Organizations, Sites


The best free Bible download plus 100 free books


Free Gospel Tracts in over 150 Different Languages

PDF format Spanish Gospel Tract

html format Russian Gospel Tract

PDF format Chinese Gospel Tract

PDF format French Gospel Tract

PDF format Bengali Gospel Tract

PDF format    Hindi Gospel Tract

PDF format   Arabic Gospel Tract

PDF format Portuguese Gospel Tract

Little Bible Tracts

"Little Bible" Tracts (formerly known as "Sowers of Seed")

Maybe the tiniest tracts made. About 2 in. x 2 in. All Scripture.


Revival articles, testimonies, gold dental miracles, prophecies, links

Jack Chick Tracts

Chick Tracts, Reading Room, Comics, Books, DVDs, T-shirts, some Spanish

VOM persecution info

Suffering Saints and Unsung Heroes: Missions/Mag/Books/Videos/some Spanish

Prophet Rick Joyner

Morning Star Ministries: Prophetic Bulletin / Quarterly Journal / Books/ Conferences

equipperDotCom Tracts

Tracts, books, CDs/DVDs , evangelism seminars, manuals, related links

Christian Library

Songs for kids | videos | online Bible in seven versions | Spurgeon's sermons

Christian Library

Steve Bremner:  Missionary, Publish your book, Blog, Lesson MP3s, Podcast

Super-informative book: Nine Lies People Believe about Speaking in Tongues

Tongues Teaching

Teacher / Evangelist Dave Roberson: sermons available on MP3s, Free Book:

Kindle/Pdf e-Book About Tongues: The Walk of the Spirit - The Walk of Power


Senior Minister Joseph Kostelnik, Ph.D: sermons on MP3s, Free Book:

PDF  e-Book About Tongues:   Prayer in The Spirit - the Missing Link

Mahesh Chavda

Free PDF Book by Mahesh Chavda, "Hidden-power-of-speaking-in-tongues"

Chris Oyakhilome

Digital PDF Book by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, "The Power of Tongues"

tongues by Schwab

sample or whole book for $.99 ~ Kathleen Schwab/Matthew Schwab: "Speaking

in Tongues:   Enjoying Intimacy with God Through Tongues and Interpretation"

tongues mystery

"The Mystery of Speaking in Tongues: Turning Your Life into a Mystery"

5 stars,   Author: Pastor Jeff Daniel,  Kingdom Light Church International

tongues secret weapon

"Speaking in Tongues: Your Secret Weapon"    by Pastor Todd Smith

North Georgia Revival, Christ Fellowship Church, www.cfchurch.tv

Releasing God's Ideas

"Releasing God's Ideas by Praying in the Spirit"    by Roxanne Brant

Jubilee Code

Implies Jesus Returns near 3000 A.D; "Jubilee Code" ~ William Struse

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