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In Just One Sentence, What Does the Office of Apostle Entail?

"Apostolic": Fad, Cult, Denomination or Movement? - What?

Could Tongues Unite the Church in the Last Days on Earth?

!Apostle / Apostles / Apostolic Hot Topics! : & Controversies

Attention: Calling All Apostles: Will You Please Stand Up?!!

Spiritual Fathering: This Happened to Me! (by Randy Muse)

Apostolic Ministry : Questions & Answers / Randall A. Muse

Implementing the Apostolic: Hindrances, Misunderstandings

Humility of the Misunderstood Apostle : Scum & Offscouring

The Modern Apostle and a Biblical Perspective toward Money

Understanding Spiritual Resistence to the Apostolic Movement

Anointing Flows from Head Apostle Jesus to Fathers & Sons :

Anthology of Apostolic Ministry & Doctrine / Randall A.Muse

Apostolic Idols | Apostles in Training | Seeking Covering (R. Muse)

The Spirit of the Father & Spiritual Fathering in Apostles (R.Muse)

More articles by Randall Muse:

The New Revival and Apostolic are Currents in the Same River

The Sign of Slain in the Spirit: How it is Displayed in the Bible

"The Calling of the Modern Apostles" authored by Pam Clark

Traits of Apostles: Recognizing the Genuine & the Counterfeit

Apologetics: all the Present Day Gifts & Modern Day Apostles

"Apostolic Warfare: Overcoming the Power of the Adversary"

"The Modern Apostle versus Missionaries" by Steve Atkerson

The Apostolic Church: "What It Is & What It Isn't" by J.Wies

"Where Are the Apostles Today?" Ministries Today Magazine

"Return to Antioch: Ten Ramifications" - by Prophet Jim Goll

"The Interdependency of Purpose and Process"/ Doug Fortune

"Present-Day Ministry of the Apostles" written by John Noble

"The Activation of Apostolic Destiny" - Tim and Theresa Early

"Apostles & Church Unity" -Snr. Elder Dr. Michael Scantlebury

"Apostolic Endurance" - by Snr. Elder Dr. Michael Scantlebury

Book Reviews:

The Admiral Gift, Vol. 1: Today's First-Century Apostle by Bertril A. Baird | buy at

or read for free at [Bertril has passed on; the book may become hard to find]

Gifts from the Ascended Christ: Restoring the Place of 5-fold Ministry/ Dwayne Stone

Christ's Love-Gift to the Church: Apostles Today

by Barney Coombs / Order info: 1-888-347-3946

"Apostles, Prophets & the Coming Moves of God" by Dr. Bill Hamon

First Apostles & Last Apostles by Peter Lyne / Order: 1-888-347-3946

Pandora's Pulpit by Dr. Roger Sapp

The Last Apostles on Earth by Dr. Roger Sapp

The Apostolic Church by John Eckhardt

50 Truths Concerning Apostolic Ministry by John Eckhardt

The Ministry Anointing of the Apostle by John Eckhardt

Moving in the Apostolic by John Eckhardt

Apostles of the City by C. Peter Wagner, To order: 1-888-347-3946

The Gift of Apostle by Dr. David Cannistraci

Prophetic Destiny & the Apostolic Reformation by Dr. Bill Hamon

Apostolic & Prophetic Foundations by Donald Rumble / order info:1-888-347-3946

The House of His Choosing...Is the House HE is Building:

A Solid Foundation for the 21st Century Church by Jim Wies

The Distinguishing Marks of the Apostolic Church / Steve Schultz / 1-800-388-5308

Mentoring and Fathering / Steve Schultz & Chris Gaborit / 1-800-388-5308 

His Rule in His Church by Carlton Kenney / order info: 1-800-542-0278

The Present Reformation of the Church by Noel Woodroffe |

The House That God Built / by Dr. Mark Hanby / order info:1-888-649-3420

Controversial Issue Below: both authors have some valid points and some extremes. Read both books and you'll synthesize the balanced truth regarding the subject.

!Hot Topic! You Have Not Many Fathers / by Dr. Mark Hanby |

!Hot Topic! A Biblical Review of the Essential Ministry Father Doctrine | Dr. Roger Sapp


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