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Tithing from a Mother's Perspective

by B. Spangel

When a woman gives birth

---Her body is already prepared and equipped to nourish her baby with milk. After the birth, though she does not yet have a milk supply, she puts her baby to her breast. All that the baby receives is a small amount of clear liquid called "collustrum." Miraculously, the baby is sustained by drinking this for the first few days, until the mother's milk comes in.

The mother must consistently nurse her baby every few hours, every day, in order for her milk supply to be established. Whatever amount of milk is given: that much and more is replaced with fresh milk, producing an abundant supply. There is never "just enough" milk for a feeding, but there is always more than enough to satisfy a hungry baby. This abundant flow of milk is dependable, and right on schedule.

The mother never has to wonder if there will be milk for her baby at feeding time. She has established a flow of milk with the principle of sowing and reaping. However, as soon as she stops "sowing" her milk, the supply will dwindle, and eventually dry up.

The same principle is true in tithing.

May Christians do not tithe, simply because they believe that they don't have enough money to tithe. To the natural mind, it may appear that way, but God's principles work supernaturally. Remember, the mother did not have any milk to begin with. Why is it easy for a mother to give all of the milk that she has to her baby? Why doesn't she withdraw, and save her milk until she has enough to give?--She understands the principle of sowing and reaping. She knows that if she doesn't give milk, she cannot produce more milk.

Just as God provided the mother with milk to nourish her baby, HE ALSO GAVE YOU A JOB TO NOURISH THE BODY OF CHRIST. Yes, He expects you to provide for your family, but if you nourish the body of Christ, He will sustain your family. (Mal. 3:10-11)

In Matthew 25:23, Jesus said to the faithful servant "... Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things ..."

Many Christians only tithe a portion of the time, and get frustrated when the money doesn't flow in.

If a mother only nursed her baby a portion of the time, her baby would starve, and would not grow and be nourished. She can't expect that someone else will do it. It is her responsibility. God gave us a responsibility to nourish the body of Christ, yet many Christians are starving the body of Christ.

A mother is not only responsible for feeding her baby----

--But in order to survive, this baby needs to be cared for:

A mother has to change diapers, bathe the baby, and it is very important that the mother spend time just giving her baby love and affection. It is a proven fact that even if a baby is fed sufficiently, without human contact, and love, the baby will either die, or be in serious condition:

Many Christians take on the attitude that all they have to give to the Church is their 10% tithe----

??What would we think of a mother who nourished her baby with nursing, then laid it down for someone else to care for??
  • If you try saying that you are "not called," to meet these needs in the body of Christ, then that is exactly what you are doing. It isn't always pleasant for a mother to change dirty diapers, and clean up the messes, but a mother has a love for her baby that gives her the desire.

Jesus commanded us to love the brethren in the body of Christ, and out of our love for each other, sometimes it requires that we lovingly help each other clean up.

  • Some will use the excuse that they don't know what needs there are to be met. --That is where fellowship comes in; just as a mother knows the needs of her baby through precious time spent together, we will never know the needs of our brothers and sisters if we don't spend time with them. Some will fellowship just long enough to have casual conversation, but not intimately enough to take concern for the deeper needs in the body.
  • Some don't mind touching the surface of things, but "don't get me involved in the dirty work." There are diapers to change and baths to be given, spiritually speaking, in the body of Christ.

!!When Jesus said that we have to give it ALL up to follow Him, He meant it!!

!!After all, He gave EVERYTHING for us. He loves us that much!!

??How many mothers care for their children, and can honestly say that they find their

children burdensome, rather than rewarding and enjoyable??

<>??What do you find important in life??

<>??What kinds of things hold your highest affections??

<>!!You care deeply for, and put high priorities on the things that you give your life to!!

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